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Information for guests about our farm

We warmly welcome you to our vacation apartment and hope that you have a relaxing holiday here. Our experience has shown that certain rules regarding the use of inventory and the behavior of our guests are beneficial to make your stay with us as carefree as possible and to prevent any misunderstandings in advance.

Kinder am Hof
Gemütlichkeit in der Wohnung Schlern

Inventory and Damages

We kindly ask you to handle our inventory with care and to place used dishes only in the cabinets when clean and dry. Damages to furniture and furnishings may occur but are often easily repairable. Please inform us promptly about any damages. In general, tenants and accompanying individuals are responsible for these damages and are liable for appropriate replacement or cost reimbursement.

Volume and Quiet Hours

Please be considerate of other guests and keep the noise level, especially with music or TV, to a minimum within the vacation apartment. The general quiet hours start at 10:00 PM.


Your visitors are welcome in our vacation apartment for short periods at any time. However, accommodating unregistered guests overnight is not allowed. If there are changes in the number of guests, please inform us in advance so that we can prepare the vacation apartment accordingly.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in our vacation apartment. Please use the designated outdoor area for smoking.


Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in our vacation apartment.

Security and Valuables

Always close all windows and the front door before leaving the vacation apartment, and ensure that electronic devices are turned off. You can secure valuables in the safe provided. We do not assume liability for any potential loss during your stay.

Waste separation

We separate waste into general waste (including plastic, except for recyclable plastic bottles), plastic bottles, cans, organic waste, paper, and glass. We kindly ask you to segregate your household waste into the designated bins within the apartment and place them in the waste containers located in front of the house. These containers are situated just around the corner to the right, behind the parking spaces.


The thorough final cleaning of the vacation apartment is carried out as agreed upon by our cleaning service after your departure. However, we kindly request that you address major messes in advance and leave the apartment in a swept-clean condition upon your departure.

Check-in and Check-out

The vacation apartment is available for check-in on your arrival day starting from 2:00 PM. Check-out is scheduled after the inspection of the apartment and the return of keys by 9:30 AM.


We provide you with a house key and kindly ask you to handle it with care. In the event of key loss, please inform us promptly.


We care about the environment and hope you do too. Therefore, please turn off lights and all electronic devices when not in use. Conserving water also contributes to nature preservation.

In the colder months, our vacation apartments are heated in the morning and evening with a wood chip heating system, maintaining temperatures of up to 22°C. In the living area, the room temperature should not exceed 20°C, if it is deemed comfortable. Please note that our radiators may not always feel hot, as we also utilize underfloor heating, contributing to climate protection. If the recommended temperature is insufficient, we are at your disposal for further assistance.

Behavior on a farm

Barn visits are warmly welcome by prior arrangement! We are excited to provide you with the opportunity to get to know our farm better. You are welcome to pet the animals and enjoy their company. We look forward to giving you and your children a glimpse into life on our farm!


We value your feedback. If there's anything we can do to enhance your stay, please let us know.

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